Feb 17, 2014

Tips that woman should do to protect herself

Salam buat semua.

Rasa lama dah tak meng-update dan membebel di blog ni. Al-maklumlah, masa yang banyak dihabiskan dengan melakukan aktiviti lain. Tambah-tambah lepas final exam hari tu. Ni bila ada masa yang terluang, rasa nak berkongsi sesuatu lah dengan korang-korang ni. hee.

Sebenarnya Zima nak post benda lain, tapi tadi online facebook and terbaca post kawan Zima ni. About tips that woman should do to protect herself. So, Zima share benda ni dulu then kejap lagi share pula cerita lain. (haa aci je kan gitu) :)

The tips:
1) What should a woman do if she finds herself alone in the company of a strange male as she prepares to enter a lift in a high-rise apartment late at night?
*** Enter the lift. If you need to reach the 13th floor, press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will dare attact you in a lift that stops on every floor.

2) What to do if a stranger tries to attack you when you are alone in your house?
*** Run into the kitchen. You alone know where the chili powder are keep. And where the knives and plates are. All these can be turned into deadly weapons. If nothing else, start throwing plates and utensils all over. Let them break. Scream. Remember that noise is the greatest enemy of a molester. he does not want to be caught. 

3) Taking an auto or taxi at night.
*** Before getting into an auto at night, note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands. Even if no one answers your call, pretend you are in a conversation. The driver now knows someone has his details and he will be in serious trouble if anything goes wrong. He is now bound to take you home safe and sound. A potential attacker is now your de facto protector!

4) What should you do if you were stalked at night?
*** Enter a shop or a house and explain your predicament. If it is night and shops are not open, go inside an ATM box. ATM centers always have security guards. They are also monitored by close circuit television.
Fearing identification, no one will dare attact you. 
After all, being mentally alert is the greatest weapon you can ever have.

So, thats bout the tips.
Lepas ni, Zima nak share satu lagi benda. Especially for those yang minat baca novel. :)

## Rasanya belum terlambat lagi kut nak wish tahniah and good luck kat anda semua. Haaa Tahniah buat pelajar ijazah dengan result exam anda and good luck dengan semester baru. Aja Aja Fighting!!!!!

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  1. wah, tips yang bagus ni. Sha pun baru tahu tips macam ni. Sangat berguna. =)